Local 252 History & Information

Chauffeurs, Teamsters, & Helpers Union, Local No. 252 was originally chartered in 1935. Over time, two Teamsters Locals have merged with Local 252, Local Union No. 699 (Aberdeen & Hoquiam, WA - 1976) and Local No. 378 (Olympia, WA - 2004).

This Local is considered a general Local and represents employees in Lewis, Grays Harbor, Thurston, Mason and the northern portion of Pacific Counties. As such, we represent a wide variety of employees working in the construction, dairy, warehouse, manufacturing, food processing,and transportation. We also represent a variety of professions in the public sector including, but not limited to, Public Works Departments, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Clerical, E-911 Communications, public health and school district employees (maintenance, Para-educators, school bus drivers). The Local employs one full-time and one part-time clerical employees and three Business Agents who work out of the Centralia office and one Business Agent who works out of the Olympia office.


Average membership is about 2100 members. The Local is managed by an elected Secretary/Treasurer and the operation of the Local is overseen by an elected Local Union Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary and three Trustees who meet on a monthly basis to review all financial expenditures and conduct the Local’s business in accordance with International Constitution and the Local Union Bylaws. These Local Union officials run for office every three years.