Negotion Update

The following Agreements are currently Open

Employer Business Agent


Griffin School District Brian Blaisdell Negotiations
Lewis County Assessor Darren O'Neil Negotiations
Lewis County Supervisor Darren O'Neil Mediation
 City of Chehalis Non-Commissioned  Russ Walpole  Negotiations
Lewis County Prosecutiers Office  Russ Walpole


 Lewis County Communications  Russ Walpole
 Lewis County Combined Unit  Russ Walpole  Negotiations
 Lewis County Juvenile Detention Jim Pea  Negotiations
Lewis County Juvenile Probation Jim Pea Negotiations
Pacific County Non-Commissioned Jim Pea Negotiations
Rochester School District Jim Pea Negotiations
Olympia School District Food Services Rick Engelhart Negotiations

Recently Settled Agreements

Business Agent
New Term of Agreement
Grays Harbor Sheriff-Corrections O'Neil 2017
Grays Harbor Communications O'Neil 2017
 Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office  O'Neil  2017
 Grays Harbor Sheriff - Support Personnel  O'Neil 2017
City of Centralia Police Department O'Neil 2014-2017
 City of Mossyrock  Jim Pea  2015-2017
 City of McCleary Jim Pea  2015-2017
 City of Montesano - Police Jim Pea  2015-2017
 City of Morton  Jim Pea  2017